• 0x800420CB POP3 NO STORE – Mail cannot be stored on server
  • 0x800CCC90 POP3 RESPONSE ERROR – Client response invalid
  • 0x800CCC91 POP3 INVALID USERNAME – Invalid username or username not found
  • 0x800CCC92 POP3 INVALID PASSWORD – Password not valid for account
  • 0x800CCC93 POP3 PARSE FAILURE – Unable to interpret response
  • 0x800CCC94 POP3 NEED STAT – STAT command required
  • 0x800CCC95 POP3 NO MESSAGES – No messages on the server
  • 0x800CCC96 POP3 NO MARKED MESSAGES – No messages marked for retrieval
  • 0x800CCC97 POP3 POPID OUT OF RANGE – Message ID out of range