Quality is not inspected, it’s built into system

Quality is the degree to which you fulfil the requirements. Requirements can be prescribed, obvious, assumed. It’s the manager’s job to ensure all types of requirements are fulfilled.

Quality management involves: Plan quality, perform quality assurance, perform quality control.

Plan Quality
Very first that needs to be done is planning on how you would manage and perform quality related activities. This always happens in Planning Process.

It involves identifying quality standards, quality process, metrics, process improvement plans that will be used.

Perform Quality Assurance
This is the actual process when quality testing is done. Out of the three process mentioned above, this process involves more time. This happens during actual Executing Process

It involves change requests, continuous improvement activities, following a process, do quality audits, quality assurance, etc

Perform Quality Control
It involves observing and controlling the quality related activities and compare them against the standards or benchmarks. If things are not going as per plans then CAPA – corrective and preventive actions needs to be taken.

Perform quality control is a part if Monitoring and Controlling Process.

This involves taking action to control the project, measure performance against other metrics, determine variance and ensure that it’s in acceptable range, influence the factors that may cause change, change requests, etc.