String Functions in vb6

VB has huge built-in string functions for processing
strings. Some functions return string as output while some return
the integer, i.e. the position or the length of the string or the
sub-string. The functions that return strings can be coded with or
without the dollar sign ($) at the end, although it is more
efficient to use the version with the dollar sign. The dollar sign
at the end is an old way of declaring sting functions. But to my
surprise the method is still followed and allowed in .NET. The
other data types were defined with adding the below symbols at the
end. & -> Long; % -> Integer; # ->
Double; ! -> Single; @ -> Decimal; $ ->
String; I have list almost all functions, but there may be a chance
that I have missed out some. Please feel free to comment the
additional functions which are not listed and I shall add those
with your credit mentioned.

  1. Len [Returns a
    Long containing the length of the specified string]
  2. Mid [Returns a substring containing a specified number of
    characters from a string.]