Installing ANT on windows

ANT is generally required for running JAVA applications in server environment.

You can install ANT on windows with two ways:-

The easy way:-

  1. Download the ANT installer for windows and follow the default instructions provided with the setup.
    Download it from here :-

The Techie Way:-

  1. Download the latest stable release [.zip archive] from
  2. Unzip the files in relatively small path say c:\ant or any other. Installing it at a small path is essential as the long length of variable paths used may give you errors. If you have a WAMP or XAMPP installation, then unzip it in that directory. In this example we will consider the location as c:\ant
  3. Setup the environment variable:-
    Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables. In System variable below add a new variable with
    Variable name as ANT_HOME
    Variable value as c:\ant
    Put the value as per your location of extracted ant files.
  4. Setup the user variable:-
    After setting the environment variable, set the user variable. For that you  need to append the ANT bin directory location to the PATH variable already present. Lookup for the path or PATH variable and click on edit. You may find there are many paths already set and are separated by semi-colon (;). At the end of those existing path add a semi-colon (;) and then add %ANT_HOME%\bin and then click on OK.
  5. To check whether you have properly set the variables, Go to Start > Run and type %ANT_HOME%\bin. If you have set it properly it will open up the bin directory in your ant installation location.
  6. All done. Now you can proceed with your application installation.