How to Create a Save Form button in Adobe Livecycle Designer

Ever worried about adding a Save button to your PDF Form?? I’ve recently been working on interactive PDFs in Adobe Livecycle designer. I’ve realized that it is possible to create interactive PDFs which can be saved in Adobe Reader. Follow these steps:-

Step I: Download and install the save form button XFO

  1. Download the “Save.xfo” file from this link :- Save Button
  2. Save the XFO file somewhere safe
  3. Open your form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer
  4. Click on the menu icon in the Library pallet
  5. Choose Add Group & enter a name
  6. Now click the menu icon on your newly created group, and in the Group properties options box, locate the XFO file

Step II: Create a Save Form button

  1. Simply drag the save form button which appears in your newly created group.

Step III: Adding script to click action

  1. Select the newly added button
  2. In Adobe Livecycle goto View>XML Source
  3. The code for the button will get highlighted
  4. Add the below code just above the <ui> tag

    <event activity=”click”>

    <script contentType=”application/x-javascript”>








Save button
Title: Save Button (459 clicks)
Caption: Save button
Filename: save.xfo