Work breakdown structure

WBS or Work Breakdown Structure is a hierarchical decomposition of the total scope of work to be carried out by a team to accomplish the project objectives. Project objectives as linked and aligned with product objectives. Usually entire scope is…

List of files with large lines of code

We usually come across lengthy PHP files. When you have lengthy files, the compilation time increases. Though opcode caching mechanisms may save your compilation time for such big files but those big files will always be in your memory. This…

Best way to optimize query

The best way to optimize a query is to understand how the query planner is understanding your query. You may have created indexes on your table but the query planner may not be using it.

Linear Search

/*linear search*/ #include #include void main() { int a[50],i,n,num,t; clrscr (); printf (“Enter number of elements in list :”); scanf (“%d”,&n); for (i=0;i

Binary Tree Search

OUTPUT: Enter number of elements in list :5 Enter element 1 :12 Enter element 2 :34 Enter element 3 :45 Enter element 4 :56 Enter element 5 :67 Enter element to be searched :89 Element 89 doesn’t exist. Do u…