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Outlook Express Error : 0x800CCC0D CANT FIND HOST – Cannot locate server

This error can appear if you have ‘notify me if there are any new newsgroups’ selected but don’t have a news account set up. Go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > GENERAL TAB and untick this option. If Norton Antivirus is…

Outlook Express Error : 0x800CCC1A SECURE CONNECT FAILED – Unable to connect using SSL

Your ISP may not require an SSL connection. Turn off SSL in the e-mail account properties and try again

Outlook Express Error : 0x800CCC11 INVALID ADDRESS LIST – Mailing list not known on the server

Check the spellings of the address list and try it again. Check with the administrator (if any) to see if you have the correct access to the list from the terminal you are using.

Outlook Express Error : 0x800CCC13 SOCKET WRITE ERROR – Unable to read Winsock

This error sometimes appears when trying to download e-mails with an attachment. Having software such as Netnanny installed can cause this to happen. Disabling the software can resolve this error. Remove the TCP/IP protocol and reinstall it. In windows, go…

Outlook Express Error : 0x800CCC14 SOCKET INIT ERROR – Unable to initialise Winsock.

Remove the TCP/IP protocol and reinstall it. In windows, go into Network from the Control Panel. NOTE: You may need your Windows CD for this task! In Windows XPsp2 and later open a command prompt and type “netsh winsock reset”.